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Pets for Adoption

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect family, not just any family, but a perfectly matched up family for pets needing a home to call their own.

Our adoption radius is within 3 hours of the Greater Toronto Area. We will consider applications outside that radius on a case by case basis.

We do not adopt across Canadian borders.

Everyone is considered a viable applicant, and we look at all of your living situation to see if it’s a match for the pets need that you’re applying to adopt. Yes, we adopt to families with children, individuals, homes without fenced backyards, those living in condos and individuals that work outside the home.

Each pet has an individual need that we look to satisfy by finding a compatible home to that specific pets needs.

Please click on the pets name to view their full profile

We hope our adopters insure their pets. We do include it as an expectation in our adoption contracts. We waive the expectation for senior pets or pets that have had a plethora of medical issues. We HIGHLY recommend Trupanion as a pet insurance provider. We are not affiliated or have any gain by the recommendation, but after years of direct experience with them, Mattie’s Place considers them the best insurance option.

ADOPTION FEES: adoption fees begin at $99. Fees vary based on dogs needs and how long they’ve been in our foster care program.

ADOPTION FEES INCLUDE: spay/neuter - deworming - flea/tick treatment - core vaccines - health exam - grade 3+ dental care - food - dishes - toys - leash/collar - any medical - take home parasite prevention - any medical deemed necessary by our veterinarian


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Our Partners

Mattie’s Place partners with some incredible shelters & like minded organizations. We also have incredible support from many businesses that help make our work with pets and people a success